Ronald Weinland, you should read Matthew 9:13

"Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.' For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Great Internetribulation

Whoever it was that did the opening prayer today asked God to "make sure the internet connection goes well". The Almighty allowed the connection to be cut off fifteen minutes before Ron was ready to stop "preaching". I guess there is a hidden message in that one. The only tribulation that seems to be going on is Ron's woes with recurring internet problems, his health, and the health of many of his elders (dying).

Ron says you can read the bible 1000 times but you won't understand it unless you have the spirit of God. Well, I have not read the bible 1000 times but I can understand it fine. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Eternal. Right Ron?

The sermon title "From Curses to Blessings" applies to Ronald Weinland. If Ron stops twisting and distorting the words in the bible, maybe he would stop being cursed. There are more curses to come upon Ronald Weinland, and not just a lost internet connection.

Any of his followers who turn from the curse of Ron will truly be blessed.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Missiles Away!

I listened to Ronald Weinland today. Two hours of torture. I am spending more time indoors now that summer is over, so I found the time to see if he has changed his tone. Even after suffering through appendicitis, he hasn't changed a bit. One would think being struck down by disease would make him step back and look around. Nope.

He opened today by talking about the purported missile contrail that was in the press a week or so ago. Mentioning that the Chinese could have launched a missile from one of their submarines, I felt he was insinuating that China could be the one to destroy the U.S. with shock and horror of nuclear weapons.

I thought the European collosus was the beast power that was going to destroy the U.S. Maybe Ron will change the European beast power to the Chinese beast power. It doesn't seem like the Russians will be involved because the president that wouldn't be elected due to the destruction of the U.S. and Canada, (Barak Obama), is over in Lisbon talking about a treaty with Russia.

I saw the media coverage of this "missile" and my analysis is a passenger jet contrail viewed through the atmosphere of the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean, after leaving the LAX loop and climbing to altitude. Optical illusion but nevertheless a jet headed for Hawaii or Australia/Asia. SLICBM's from a 094 Jin go up, not out.

There is no conspiracy of Chinese generals testing a trans pacific trajectory. If one would study a little of chinese philosophy, one would understand that the Chinese people are not expansionist but fiercely defensive of their homeland. That's why they don't have a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons, but keep a small contingent of HEAVY payload missiles. They like megatons instead of kilotons. God help whoever attacks China.

He continued with his sermon about how sick this world is. He yelled about adultery and this disgusting sick perverted world. I think he achieved a new record for the number of times he said the word "sick". No surprise to me. Ronald Weinland was sick, became very sick, and still is sick.

After yelling at his audience for longer than is normal for him, he closed with words of kindness, humbleness and of course, agape.

** Wow! I used the word "sick" six times in one paragraph. Does that make me a hypocrite, or am I becoming like Ron?