Ronald Weinland, you should read Matthew 9:13

"Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.' For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Elijah To Come

The multi faceted ILFP Ronald Weinland is beginning to sound like someone on mushrooms or LSD. Now he has announced that he is "The Elijah to come". He must know someone with a print shop, because now he has to make up yet another new business card.

He is:

a prophet of God

a witness of Revelation

a spokesman of the two witnesses

an apostle

and now ...the elijah to come

I wonder if he will announce that he is Jesus Christ on May 27th 2012?

Sorry Ron. I'm not having a heyday with this. Just reporting the truth about your heresy, and revealing the fact that you are not preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ as delivered to us by the saints. It is written in the New Testament in black and white. There is nothing new to be added.
Anything that comes out of the mouth of Ronald Weinland is a lie.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

FINALLY, a Prophecy That Is True

Ronald Weinland, author and prophet and now a self appointed apostle as well, made a prophetic statement today:

"Many of you here today are not going to be here in a year"
--I predict that this one will be his only true prophecy.

I'll agree with that one. Who could stand his babbling and stay in his congregation for more than a year? (I knew what he was the first time I heard him speak.)

I won"t however agree with these ones:

The PKG is the ONLY place God is working. and You do not have the right to question Ron.

So for those of you who will not be under Ron's spell a year from now....I applaud you for escaping the deceptions of a con artist. And I am saddened by those who will leave and resort to atheism. Those who lose their faith are the triumph of Ron's work. His only purpose in this world is to discredit the gospel of Jesus Christ. I guess I am not really saddened, because the Word says Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy. I am no longer concerned with what other people do. History has proven to me that no amount of counselling will change the minds of some people, because most people are going to do what they want anyway.

The saints obediantly gave their lives to make sure the gospel was recorded. And God has made the words that came out of the mouth of Jesus endure to this day. There is no reason for any man to be required to proclaim the gospel to the whole world......because it has already been done. A bible can be found almost anywhere. Anyone who requires money of you to preach the gospel is most likely a liar and a thief. It really is that simple.

Ever heard of the eleventh commandment? That is all you really need to know. Be a good person. It's that simple.

The only reason Ron got rid of the tradition of sermonettes is because he didn't want anyone reading the gospel out loud, in it's entirety, and without interuptions of interpretation. I wonder what reward Ron will recieve? You can only spend your money in this world.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

RONALD WEINLAND -- Deceived and Deceiving

Ronald Weinland, author and nothing more, can give himself any title he wants to give himself. He is a pastor and an author of a couple of books. That's all.

No matter how many times he carefully sneaks up to his mirror, he will still find his own reflection staring him in the face. The reflection of a man. Formerly a believer in God and Herbert Armstrong, he has abandoned the Word of Jesus, embraced delusion, and become a con artist for profit. He does not care how long a tither stays in his grasp, because he knows there has been a perpetual crop of fresh, young recruits since the word church was first used.

There is no truth in Ronald Weinland.


Today Ronald Weinland told us he is an apostle. More initials to put after his name I guess. The show must go on, even if you drop the ball in the middle of the stage.

His prophetship didn't work out so he is moving into Apostlehood. What adventures await us?

Ronald Weinland is a type of minister who feeds off those he deceives, and creates atheism among those who have never even read the bible. Those who eventually see through his delusions, leave with an incredible burden of decision.

If Satan were hiring today, his corporate headhunter would be making Ronald Weinland an offer he would not refuse.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

666 Days Till Horror Begins

That's right folks, we are safe from the beast power. At least until August 2011. Ronald Weinland had previously told us the beast power of Germany would reduce the USA to a smoking pile of ashes by the autumn of 2008. But due to Ron's greater understanding the time of the horrors of the beast has been shortened, thus extending our beast free lives for another 22 months.

Yikes! Don't tell me that the amount of days from Oct 10, 2009 to August 2011 is ........gulp.....six hundred and sixty six days?

I've put my calculator in the drawer. I don't want to know!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Ronald Weinland's "shortening" speech is due out tomorrow. He really has to explain why nothing has happened since publishing his book 2008 God's Final Witness. He has mentioned that the horrors will be shortened but increase in intensity. So I gather he will push forward the time that all his prophecies are to occur, on account of the one true church starving their kids for two days in January. Perhaps all the rest of his trumpets will occur "in an hour". He will probably be using the scripture: "If God had not shortened those days, no flesh would be saved alive".

Does anyone have any idea what he is talking about? All I can do is guess. I thought a true prophet was supposed to make himself abundantly clear.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mail In Your Offerings

I didn't listen to yesterday's sermon. I was at a funeral. Today I listened to the first few minutes of a sermon by an unknown PKG, I think was Johnny Harrell. He said there was a basket at the back of the hall, for offerings. And for those of us who could not attend, we are to mail in our make atonement with God.

Well I've got news for you. You can't pay to get into heaven.

So intead of mailing in an offering, I offer Ronald Weinland and his PKG this tidbit of secret wisdom:

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results isn’t insanity, it’s stupidity. Doing the same thing over and over again and observing different results, that's insanity." --covert comic

I'd like to repeat, Atonement payments cannot be used to gain entrance into heaven.

Jesus already paid the price. The PKG is a phishing site disguised as "the church". Ron should put a visa and mastercard logo on the site, to make it look more professional.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


*Now With 13% More False Prophecy

Today while reading Dr Mike Ekimks' latest paper Pax Pax Weinlandum, Professor Ekimks disclosed for examination a new memo composed by Ronald Weinland -- Author of "The Prophesied End-Time" & "2008 God's Final Witness" which Weinland had posted on his web site today. Here is an excerpt from profiteer Weinland's latest sorcery:

"Not only is God altering the time sequence of end-time events (not the return of Jesus Christ) by shortening the actual time of man’s suffering,..."

What I have discovered from my examination of Professor Mike's discovery, is the possibility certainty of an altered timeline of Ronald Weinland's heretic deceptions of the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John.

It's obvious that God Almighty has not been cooperating with self-appointed prophet Ronald Weinland. All the prophecy, predictions, and deceptions announced by Ronald have failed to materialize. Ron's game plan will be ammended to please the crowd, because Ron is not afraid of Jesus manifesting any judgment against him.

Mister Weinland will have to pull all his tricks out of his hat this time. He will ensure that those under his spell continue to ignore those nagging feelings in the back of their mind; that this guy is a magician who has them mesmerized in a pay per use stage production of:

Captain Delusion's Voyage Aboard the Ship -- BLASPHEMY

P.S. -- When Ron used the word "shortening", he wasn't talking about Crisco. He will probably be using a cleaned, dressed, and boned out version of Mark 13:20

As for the picture of the Stoning of Stephen, I don't imagine Ron as one of the ones doing the stoning. I imagine he would be the one in the crowd, humbly watching what he had just instigated.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall 2009

It is now a full year since the "fall of 2008" when the United States was to cease to exist as an independent nation, or was to begin it's demise. (according to Ronald Weinland's books and sermons)
It is also over a year since I started blogging about the con artist Ronald Weinland.

I have several web sites and on some of them I use Google AdSense to generate revenue. It is through one of those advertisements that I discovered Ronald Weinland. I remember downloading his book and scanning the table of contents for a chapter to quickly read. I stopped reading when he declared he was a prophet.

I then listened to one of his "sermons" and immediately perceived the anger in his voice. He does not have the peace and happiness inside him. I'm sure I read somewhere in the bible that "God is love". There is no peace in Ronald Weinland. After all those years of studying the bible he still doesn't get it (pun intended). The only thing he does get is money. And that money comes from those he has deceived into giving to him on a regular basis.

Ronald Weinland is a member of an old club. That club's members have been deceiving mankind since the beginning of the word congregation. A true minister encourages and helps his flock. But the members of the Deceivers Club are nothing more than thieves and robbers.

All who came before me are thieves and robbers; --John 10:8

Unfortunately, almost all who have come after Him and use the title of minister, are also thieves and robbers. Teaching the precepts of men and ignoring the grace and mercy of God.

Please share your thoughts on the one year anniversary of no fireworks from the prophet and revelation witness Ronald Weinland.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today's Weather Forecast

Sunny today, with cloudy periods. Chance of trumpet blasts with isolated thunders.
Long term forecast: Bullsh*t storm mixed with Ron's "greater understanding".

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Plain PKG Truth Magazine?

Yikes! Ron is now offering pdf downloads of his weekly sermons. The sermons will not be exactly word for word, but edited to make his sermons easier to understand. I hope this is not a prelude to mailing out copies of his "sermons". That could migrate to a magazine edited by Ron and written by Ron.

Also, there is a help wanted sign in the window of the COG package. There is no senior elder or evangelist in Canada. Although Terry Wrozek is in charge of all of Canada and two regions in the U.S., he is not a senior.

Mr Weinland wants you to know that if something has been said to you or about you, you should forgive them. Bless those who persecute you. But if someone says something about Ron they will die. Slowly from the inside. Or speedily. Or in the next three and a half years.

Ron says he has a headache today. Should he have the elders of the church lay their hands upon him to heal, or does he not believe in Jesus?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


impostor noun-- one who deceives or cheats others by pretending to be what he or she is not

Ronald Weinland - Author of “The Prophesied End-Time” & “2008 - God's Final Witness” is an impostor, as defined in the Webster's New World Dictionary. And by his actions!

I give you one William M Branham, who died as a result of a head on collision. The other driver was intoxicated and died at the scene. The 2 for 1 witness (he claimed he was BOTH witnesses of Revelation) died in hospital five days later. Maybe the driver of the other vehicle was blinded by Branham's "pillar of fire".

January 24th 1950 taken at the Sam Houston Coliseum

William M. Branham showed everyone that he is the real witnesses of Revelation by manifesting a pillar of fire above his head. Back in 1963 he said
" a cluster of seven angels met him on Sunset Mountain in Arizona to commission the opening of the Seals, which he believed was in fulfilment of a vision he had told his church several months earlier"

Branham's followers believe he had a specific Message for the Bride, teaching that the Seven Thunders of Revelation(where have we heard that before?) 10:3-4 were to be revealed to gather the Bride, to give her faith, and to prepare her for the great translation faith.

Branham claimed to have made several prophecies, including the Second Coming of Christ. This included a famous prophecy that "the city of Los Angeles would 'sink beneath the ocean'" and that a tidal wave would sweep inland as far as the Salton Sea. The resulting fear caused 40 Branham followers to move out of the area.

So 40 people who believed in the two in one witness, packed up their lives and moved away from their jobs and families because of a man's prophecy. The world was to end in 1977. His defense of contradicting Jesus' "no man knows the day or hour", was:

"in view of the fact that Jesus said that 'no man knoweth the day nor the hour.' I still maintain this prediction after thirty years because, Jesus did NOT say no man could know the year, month or week in which His coming was to be completed. So I repeat, I sincerely believe and maintain as a private student of the Word, along with Divine inspiration that 1977 ought to terminate the world systems and usher in the millennium"

Branham was a rapture ready fellow. December 18th 1965, he was raptured right out of his car and into Amarillo Northwest Texas Hospital. Christmas eve he got his present.

Ronald Weinland is a copy cat or an impostor.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bumper Stickers Are Evil

Well kids, the spirit world is really stirred up and something is going to follow shortly. You may not be able to even go to the FOT! Also Ron may not be able to make it to New Zealand. He just does not know when the trumpets will blow destruction all over the U.S. But it's very close now.

Ron teaches us that people with religious bumper stickers really do "cheapen" the word of God. Don't promote God, only Ron is allowed to promote God. IMO, it's Ron that is cheapening the word of God.

You know that we live in a sick filthy world, but Ron wants you to know that we live in a sick, filthy, pornographic world. Apparently he saw a half nude person leaning over a car. If he thinks a billboard is pornographic, someone should get him to google the word porn. I'm sure if he clicked on any link on the search results page, he would have another heart attack.

Almost forgot. There is a new "evangelist" in the PKG world. It seems Johnny Harrell, Wayne Matthews and Terry Wrozek, all got together to perform the laying on of hands and ordination package ceremony. That would be quite a sight to see. I wonder if any horns got tangled?

Saturday, August 29, 2009


From Dallas Texas today. Seems the front row is usually empty. I guess no one wants to sit too close to Ronnie Profit.

Ron was warning people not to surf the net. I wonder why? I guess the weinlandites have to stay off the net so they don't discover the blogs and sites dedicated to exposing his distortion of the truth. All he really wants is a tithe and an ear to berate.

Don't preach to others, especially if they are in Russia. Ron believes they cannot be saved.

I have to mention how Ronald Weinland cannot read the words of Jesus Christ without getting pissed off. He was ranting today about how "In my fathers house there are many mansions", really means in my fathers house there are many rooms. The mansions must be reserved for Ron.

Ron says Yahway Elohim is the name of God. Well if he wants to believe that, he can because it's a free country. I am sure I read in the NT "Jesus Christ is the only name by which you can be saved". But Ron disagrees. It's Yahway or the highway.

Why does he cling to the old covenant? Take this example: You shall not kindle a fire on the Sabbath day. What about those who don't live in Jerusalem? How about some poor believer in Alaska on a -65 degree winters Sabbath? Is this Alaskan and his newborn baby to freeze to death because we are to follow Ronald Weinland's perverted views on scripture. Perhaps the end time prophet can make a concession? I think if you are going to follow a set of rules, you have to follow all the rules, not just the ones that you like.

If you are a member of the COG PKG, the next time Weinland starts reading a quote from Jesus Christ, take notice of how pissed off he becomes. And how he explains how twisted the interpretation is. It seems God can't get his bible right, so Ron has to rewrite it. Let me ask you this: who has the peace of God Almighty upon them? One who is happy when they read the words of Jesus? Or one who becomes agitated, displeased, and starts yelling?

Ronald Weinland is pathetic. He is a robber and a thief. He has deceived all who will listen. Promising you understanding and blessings, he takes your money and your freedom. If you quit this man, you will not be condemned by God. Rather you will be blessed with freedom to read the testimony of Jesus, without constant correction.

There is no peace in Ronald Weinland. He is a con artist; a professional bullshitter. I guess he is a comedian as well. I really laughed when he said "Can't you read?!".

The smell of death emanates from Ronald Weinland and all those like him. All his money still can't keep him from that cold darkness which is waiting for him.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ronald Weinland says Jesus was not crucified the way recorded in the New Testament. Ron's infinite wisdom dictates that Jesus was simply nailed to a stake. If that is true, why was he compelled to carry the cross beam to the place of execution? Here is an excerpt from the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia:

The person executed may sometimes have been attached to the cross by ropes, but nails are mentioned in a passage by the Judean historian Josephus, where he states that, at the Siege of Jerusalem (70), "the soldiers out of rage and hatred, nailed those they caught, one after one way, and another after another, to the crosses, by way of jest". Objects, such as nails, used in the execution of criminals were sought as amulets.
Frequently, the legs of the person executed were broken or shattered with an iron club, an act called crurifragium which was also frequently applied without crucifixion to slaves. This act hastened the death of the person but was also meant to deter those who observed the crucifixion from committing offenses.

I would be interested in why Ron is so adamant about the stake versus traditional crucifixion. Jerusalem would have had a dedicated place of execution during the Roman occupation. The prisoners would have to carry their own cross beam as an additional punishment. They were nailed to the cross beam and then hoisted up by rope through a notch at the top of a permanent pole embedded in the ground. If Jesus was nailed to the stake, as Ron preaches, he would not need to have carried a crossbeam.

Ronald Weinland does not have a PhD in anthropology, but Dr. Nick Hass professor of anatomy at H.U. Medical School does:

In his article "Anthropological Observations on the Skeletal Remains from Giv’at ha-Mivtar" published in the Israel Exploration Journal in 1970, N. Haas of the Department of Anatomy at Hebrew University, writes of the remains of a man crucified around A.D. 70 as showing that the two-beam cross was in use in Palestine in the first century: "The whole of our interpretation concerning the position of the body on the cross may be described briefly as follows: The feet were joined almost parallel, both transfixed by the same nail at the heels, with the legs adjacent; the knees were doubled, the right one overlapping the left; the trunk was contorted; the upper limbs were stretched out, each stabbed by a nail in the forearm."
Link to Wikipedia article on Crucify

The testimony of Jesus Christ clearly indicates he was crucified in this manner, and it is backed up by an anthropologist's lecture along with many historian's account of the times. Ron invents mischief to get peoples attention, then uses his sorcery to lead them away from the truth, and enslave them into his tithe pool.

In anticipation of Ron's response of "Wikipedia isn't a real encyclopedia. Anyone can write whatever garbage they want to, and post it on Wikipedia.", I am providing a link to Encyclopedia Britannica which publishes almost exactly word for word what is published by Wikipedia.

Just because Ron saw a drawing of a field expedient crucifixion, he has jumped to conclusions and abandoned what is clearly written in the Holy Bible. There is no truth in Ronald Weinland, which is why he is wearing the headgear of an enchanter on this blog. Of course everything written about Ronald Weinland here is only my humble opinion.

If I were to judge Ronald Weinland by the law of Moses, things would look pretty grim for him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are All Churches Cults?

I'd lean towards yes, if I was asked that question.

I know the title of this post may seem eerily reminiscent of some Plain Truth article, but I really did think this one up on my own. It wouldn't surprise me if there is a church publication out there with the same title.

Although there are many small local community churches that do a lot of good and do not fit this title, I believe most churches are nothing but businesses concerned with profit and growth.

So I do have to say that all Major churches are cults because we have to give money and behave according to their bylaws, which sometimes have nothing to do with what is written in the bible. In a real church everyone should be happy and at peace with one another. Doubly so for the "minister".

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I've been busy and unable to blog for most of the summer. Aside from comments left on Mike's site and DeeDub's, Gavin's most excellent I'll tell ya what they don't want ya to know Ambassador Watch, and my own personal web sites, I have been neglecting my own Jack Said blog. So here goes:

Little Boo Boo is now crawling. This happy, beautiful little creation brings joy to my heart. All of us were happy and carefree until we got old enough to be exposed to the world, and then our happy little spirits got crushed. When he gets old enough I will teach him about life and how to stay happy. Like if you piss high enough, you will make a rainbow. I'll teach him the things he needs to know in order to prevent others from taking his happiness away. I will especially teach him about people like Ronald Weinland. The children below have just been told that their parents are tithing to PKG. Ron now gets the money which was supposed to go towards their college education, nice clothing, shoes, delicious food, treats, vacation trips (that don't include the word "Feast"), and gifts.

Aw come on kids! It's not that bad. When you grow up you'll know that because mommy and daddy gave away 20% of their paychecks, you are saved from the horrors of Ron's sixth timeline. (I have a feeling he aint gonna retire until the law locks him up, or he has a stroke or dies).

Today I decided to listen to RW's whole sermon and blog about it. Ten minutes before sermon time, I poured myself a nice glass of cold whole milk and put five peanut butter cookies on a plate. I sat down at my desk and started listening. About six minutes into the ...heh heh..."sermon", the bottle of Crown Royal came out.

Ron said: "Where no law is, there is no sin". He said it, not me. So if those who are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ are no longer under the law, why is Ron proclaiming we must follow the law. So we can be guilty of sin? More likely so we will feel guilty, and tithe to get relief from that guilt.

While he is quoting this scripture he stops and says "Some of the way Paul wrote is difficult to understand." Bullshit! You say that because it doesn't fit in with your spell, so you have to stop reading scripture that contradicts your doctrine, and immediately start manipulating the minds of those who may have understood the scripture for it's plain un-interpreted truth. Don't want to let them use their own minds, eh?

According to Ron, God's gone fishing and he's catching spiritual fish. So while God is fishing, Ron is ranting about bathrooms again. People who throw their towels on the floor are pigs. I guess those disgusting pigs just don't get it.

Ron says the people who are writing all the garbage about him are "miserably unhappy people" who are miserable because they don't like what happened to them during the old days of world wide. I have been writing about Ronald Weinland, but it's not garbage. It's important information which exposes him as a fraud, not qualified to preach the word of God or even counsel another person who needs help.

As for "miserably unhappy people", I honestly believe I could very well be the happiest person alive on the earth today. I treat everyone with respect and kindness. Even when someone is disagreeable or belligerent, I try to calm them down and make them happy. When I was younger, football players who wanted to punch me in the face ended up buying me drinks. Ron didn't fair so well. I wonder why?(Just joking). I know why. Because he didn't understand that alcohol mixed with hormones produces insecurity based anger. A little compassion goes a long way, Ron.

I don't push my faith on anyone, but I am always ready to defend it and I win. The contender usually stops talking and stomps off in anger. "Miserably unhappy", I am not! Last time I yelled at another person was July 1998. I decided I would rather use my energy in a positive way, because nothing good comes from contention. Maybe he wasn't talking about me. Musta been that miserable Mike, or all the other miserable bloggers who are trying to warn others of Ronald Weinland and his church that maketh miserable.

Enough about the misery. How about some laughter.

Ron says Jesus was crucified on a stake with his arms nailed above his head. And the reason the soldiers broke the legs of those who were crucified was because they had to stand up so they could breathe. Well I'm not a bible scholar, but I am pretty sure I read that the soldiers would break the legs of the crucified criminals after they were taken down and throw them into the dump. The reason they broke the legs was so if they survived the fall to Gehenna, they wouldn't be able to run or walk away.

But I am not a bible preaching scholar, so I will look it up tomorrow and post it in the comments section. Wow, that was a long post. Sorry.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ron's new sermon series is about mercy. Well mercy me, Ron. Why don't you give back that tithe money to the ones who have abandoned you and want their money back because you deceived them?

Ron says on account of mercy we should be slow to anger, and I agree with being slow to anger. But then he starts ranting about how he's glad he didnt live in the time of the flood, because people where so evil God had to destroy them in a flood. How can he tell us that we should be slow to anger, and then start yelling about how evil people used to be?

Well nothing has changed because people are still being evil, and some don't even know they are being evil.

RW was punched in the mouth by a football player when he was in college. I'm sure there are several ex members of PKG who would like to punch Ron in the face for deceiving them into giving away large sums of money. Way to go Ron! Instead of teaching and living mercy, you are causing anger, depression, and loss of faith.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ronald Weinland has caused at least one of his former followers to become atheistic. The "Straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ" text is still at the bottom of this blog page. And it is still directed at Ronald Eugene Weinland, deceiver and modern day Pharisee.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Potheads and Pigs

Ronald Weinland and his wife Laura are in Hawaii, the home of Mauii Wowie. Maybe that's why he was mentioning marijuana in his sermon. So if you are in the PKG and you know someone is a pothead, and you don't tell the church, YOU are just as guilty.

Maybe Ron should smoke a joint to calm down and smell the roses, because he also wants you to know that you should not live like a pig. If someone uses a restroom and doesn't clean up, YOU should clean up after that person. (That way if everyone cleans up, Ron won't have to see an unclean sink that was used by a pig). (Cause Ron says pigs are unclean)

We are to love one another. And love is giving. Anything less than giving is murder. So if you are not giving to Ron, you are a murderer.

That is all. You may now go back to enjoying life while I ponder whether or not I should become a preacher.

Mmmmm. Crown Royal Special Reserve is tasty.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heeeeeere's Johnny

My project is almost finished so I can start blogging again. I've wanted to put up Johnny Harrell for quite some time. He is one of Ronald Weinland's "elders".

Since he is following and supporting Ron's tithe collection company, he deserves a place in the "Weinlandettes" with Wayne Matthews.

All those who participate in perverting the gospel of Jesus Christ to get money shall wear the appropriate headgear on this blog of my personal opinion.

And now without further ado.........HEEEEEEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Information on Ronald Weinland

Ronald Weinland - Author of “The Prophesied End-Time” & “2008 - God's Final Witness”, and pastor of the Church of God - Preparing for the Kingdom, has declared himself an end-time prophet and one of the two witnesses of Revelation. Ronald Weinland's claims of being a prophet are false, unless you spell it profit.

The web site is now online. It is the most comprehensive source of information on Ronald Weinland currently available.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ronald Weinland, self proclaimed end-time prophet and witness of Revelation, woke up wednesday morning around 5 am and promptly passed out due to lower back pain. Maybe he was dreaming about cursing someone or sending plagues and it backfired on him. He obviously does not have the privileged protection of God Almighty.

So the "end-time prophet" was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The doctor gave him valium and he also saw a chiropractor. This is his excuse for sitting down in a chair while giving his sermon yesterday. The valium didn't work so well because he did an awful lot of yelling at his sheep.

Church services will have to be delayed on the sabbath of June 20th due to Ron's attendance at an ego boosting luncheon hosted by IdeaCity. Am I missing something here? YOU must honor the sabbath day but Ron does not have to.

After notifying all that some are allergic to perfume and cologne, Ron gave a history lesson on the antiquitees of annointing oils and fragrances. He was in Egypt you know.

He spent a lot of time yelling during this sermon. I guess the valium isn't too strong. After more yelling he turned his yelling to TITHING: tithing, tithing, tithing! We can't help you till you tithe.

He then goes on to the part of Malachi that all tithe-demanding preachers use. Ron is a modern day Pharisee, blind and corrupt. He is blind and does not see that Malachi is directed at the priests. It is the priests that rob God of tithes. They collect them and spend em without a thought for the poor, the homeless, and the fatherless.

Ron says even if you are dirt poor and have nothing, on the holy days you shall appear with something, even if it is a penny.

Ron is a modern day Pharisee. Blind and corrupt. He will even demand the poor bring him a penny.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ronald Weinland - Author or Profiteer?

Ronald Weinland appears to be a con artist of the televangelist nature, but he does not preach on television. He streams his sermons about "The Prophesied End-Time" on the internet, luring prophecy interested individuals to send in tithes.

A summary on Ronald Weinland, written by Dr Mike of Don't Drink the Flavoraid™, contains extensive facts on Ronald, books, and his COG-PKG. If you want to learn every truthful fact available on Ronald Weinland the author and profiteer, check out the Ronald Weinland summary.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Coming To Get You

Ronald is pissed off that some of his followers are robbing him of tithes. He is going to hit the big six oh soon and it is still a sick filthy world.

Everything you have learned is wrong. You are robbing God. You know who you are and Ron knows who you are. He has had patience, but he cannot have patience forever.

If you don't send in your tithes you will die in the next three and a half years. DON'T MAKE HIM HAVE TO COME AND TALK TO YOU!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Ron thinks the little words like gee and golly and gee whiz are what we say when we really mean to take the name of God in vain. If I say "gee" I don't think God will get mad at me, because I am not taking his name in vain. That is the difference between freedom and slavery.

He mentions how some people weren't afraid to speak against Mr Armstrong, God's servant and end time apostle. I've got news for you Ron: Herb is dead. He is in an expensive mahogany box six feet under. I guess he didn't really believe in Jesus.

I'm dumbfounded that those who follow Ron don't know they are just his $laves.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My first impression of Johnny Harrell was he sounds like Lyndon B Johnson. I will search the net for a picture of him, so I can get the image of LBJ giving a sermon out of my mind.
He talks for two hours about the feast of unleavened bread. He tells us we have to get all the leaven out of our homes, but I say he should get the leaven of the Pharisees out of his heart and mind.

He shall get a place in the Weinland-ettes, for he is also deceived by the ILFPRW and promotes this charlatan.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama Offers Iran the Hand of Peace

President Obama offered Iran the hand of peace and Iran said it welcomed talks but wants an apology first. Yesterday in Toronto, Canada, Mahmoud Yadegari was arrested by the RCMP for attempting to export nuclear technology. He had purchased pressurized transducers from the U.S. and was attempting to export them to Dubai, with the ulimate destination being Iran.
I liked the covert comic picture so much I had to post it.

Iran wants an apology and says it will commit to talks with the U.S. I believe that in the end they will definitely cause some kind of trouble in the future. Why would a country rich in oil want an nuclear power plant?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

I got the title for this post from the mouth of Wayne Matthews. He said that people don't really want to hear the truth. His sermon today had the theme of IN THE TRUTH THERE IS NO LIE, which is a quote I mentioned in my You Have Crossed The Line rebuttal to RW's "Jesus lied" sermon.

Here's an ironic comment acting-prophet Matthews made:
"Religion is the greatest culprit of all when it comes to lying." That statement also applies to the leader(s) of the COG-PKG.(and any other preacher that puts a bible in front of him and starts babbling)

He doesn't have the anger in his voice like RW, but he does dwell in the old testament. All preachers who dwell in the old testament deny the power of the Master who bought them. They don't even know the name of God.

The old testament priests obfuscated the Name because they eventually decided it was too holy to be pronounced, thus paving the way to "forget the name of God". The recent use of Yahway or yahweh or yahovah or jehovah etc, were all conceived by trying to guess what YHWH meant.

The Name of God is plainly declared in the new testament. Jesus drew attention to the Name by his sacrifice. YHWH = Jesus, which is english for Yeshu the short form of Yeshua or Joshua in Hebrew. Because I speak english I pronounce it Jesus. I don't use hebrew words because I don't speak Hebrew. Ditto for Greek and Latin. We are supposed to preach plainly, not diverting with exotic words to look important and wise. When a Jew says "sabbath" or "messiah", does he say it in english with the rest of his sentence in hebrew? Why should an english speaking preacher use words not pronounced in english?

The bible is all about the "Name" of the author of life, and Jesus came here to glorify his name. Jesus said "I have manifested your name". Jesus Christ is the only name by which you can be saved. Do all these preachers think that God is a little slow, and won't understand that yeesoos or heysoos means Jesus? When they try to be perceived as wise they end up looking foolish.

The "temp" then said: "To those who refuse to believe the truth that God has revealed to his church, the church of god PKG, God calls you a liar."

You say God calls me a liar because I do not believe Ron and Laura are prophets. I say you are a liar who has been deceived by Ronald Weinland. You say I will surely die within the next three years. I know that where ever I am, at any given time, I am protected by the love of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Living God. Now that's what I call faith. And I didn't learn that in any church, or from the mouth of a preacher in a pulpit.

Here is a fitting scripture from the testimony of Jesus Christ:

And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.

Wayne Matthews said "All truth comes from God, so everything that Jesus Christ spoke was true." But Ronald Weinland said in a sermon a few weeks ago, when Jesus said "I am He", he didn't really mean it, it wasn't true. From that I see there is a little division in Ronald's house...and a house divided will not stand, and is coming to an end.

WM speaks of Jesus and God and quotes scriptures, but he glorifies and promotes a man who declares himself a prophet and says Jesus lied so the Jews would believe what they wanted to believe. Would a real prophet of God tell others he is a prophet? Well lets take a look at the last prophet recorded in the bible: John the baptist. Did he declare that he was a prophet? No!

As the people were in expectation, and all were questioning in their hearts concerning John, whether he might be the Christ

Luke 3:15 clearly shows that John did not declare he was a prophet. If he had told them he was a prophet, they would not have questioned in their hearts whether he might be the Christ. And of course in John 1:21 "Are you the prophet?" And he answered 'No'.

That may seem straightforward to you and I, but the PKG'ers would retort that is not what "the" prophet means. If they asked JtB if he was "a" prophet, then I would be right. But since the word "the" is used, I am wrong and I don't get it.
That is how they divert the discussion away to another subject. At least that is my impression of them after trying to carry out a reasonable discussion of scripture with an anonymous member.

Ronald Weinland proclaimed that he is a prophet of God. He is not. He seeks his own glory. He lives in luxury. This next scripture fully applies to Ronald Weinland and those who glorify him.

This people honours me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men--Mat 15:8-9

If Ronald Weinland was a true prophet of God, he would not be absent from a sabbath day preaching opportunity. He is only a man living in luxury, with delusions of holding a prophetship; but being denied prophethood on account of lies, lies, and more lies.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ronald Weinland described his internet search of his name during his latest sermon. He found all this garbage about how he didn't pay to have his house built. He never discusses any of the important issues that contradict him, just whatever minor issues he can use to divert attention from discussing greater things, like actual scripture which convicts him of falsehood.

He then went on to the youtube link he had previously posted on the COG-PKG site. He put up the link because it played to his ego. But now he has removed it. Quite obviously on account of so many of the commentors telling his followers to look up some scripture that contradicts what he says.

He seemed concerned that some of his followers were enticing the positive commentors to join the church and get baptised. He had this to say about that:

"We don't even do that in the ministry. We don't try to encourage people to get baptised."

Amazing. I thought a church pastor was supposed to lead people to Jesus and baptise all who desire to take the water of life without price. Apparently not in the PKG. Then he spends an hour explaining passover. Towards the end of his sermon he makes this bold statement:

"If you're not baptised, you cannot participate in the passover."
I wouldn't advise you to tell that to the Jews in Jerusalem!

At the beginning he said his ministry doesn't encourage people to get baptised. On his web site he says you have to be 18 years of age, and give tithe$, before you can be bapti$ed. And in the end he says if you're not bapti$ed you can't participate in the passover. Whatever happened to "God is love"? Or love thy neighbour?

Hey Ron, did you keep your lamb without blemish separate from all the others? Maybe it's tied up in your garage so you can kill it before sundown.

I've come to the conclusion that not only do you think you can rewrite the bible, you just want to tell people what to do and your word is law. You are quite the humble power-tripper.

Ever heard this before?: -- "do this in remembrance of me"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Ronald Weinland is experiencing technical difficulties. As of Sunday 6pm E.S.T. his sabbath day sermon is still not posted to his site. Not all internet users can access the live server, and have to rely on downloading the audio file.

I guess all those faithful to Ron will have to wait for their sabbath. Can Ron really have the authority to pause the sabbath? Probably so, since he presumes to have the authority to change the words in the bible.

Oh well. All you followers of Weinlandism are going to have to be patient (and more than you know). One would think that the "end-time prophet" would be able to use his special powers to send his sermon over the internet. If it were me, I'd just pick up the phone and call IT Support.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

You Have Crossed The Line

On the fourteenth day of March, 2009, Ronald Weinland revealed what spirit it is that dwells within him. He devoted almost his whole sermon to explain what Jesus really meant when he said:
Before Abraham was, I am.
Ron says because the Jews said "he has a demon", Jesus allowed them to think whatever they wanted to think, in effect saying that Jesus didn't mean it when he said "Before Abraham was, I am". The Word of God is Faithful and True, and cannot be deceptive because deception is a lie, and in the truth there is no lie.

March 14th sermon 1:32:50 Ronald Weinland begins his sorcery:

"Said the Jews unto him again you are not fifty years old, and have you seen Abraham? and Jesus said unto him verily, verily, I say unto you before Abraham was, I am. So he allowed them to believe what they wanted to believe all the way through this discourse over and over again. He allowed them to believe what they wanted to believe. What'd they wanna believe? That he couldn't be a God, that he's a Samaritan and that he had a demon (laughs) ya know. or demons. Incredible. They're gonna believe what they wanna believe anyway. Isn't that the way it is?"

Ronald Weinland, you want me to believe that Jesus said something that was not true because "They're gonna believe what they wanna believe anyway.", or that Jesus wanted the Jews to think he had a demon? You are trying to hide the true gospel of Jesus Christ as delivered to us in the Holy Bible. Therefore I say let the will of the Almighty God our Father be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The Word of God is Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. Therefore let judgment be poured on Ronald Weinland in the same manner as was on Roderick Meredith. Make it a double draught so no more lies can come out of Ronald Weinland's mouth. If that would be the will of God, I agree.

Anyone else agree that Ronald Weinland is a false prophet who uses sorcery to spread lies? Whether you believe in Jesus or are a skeptic, or an atheist, or a deceived follower of Ronald Weinland, I fully expect a reply from each mindset.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ronald Weinland is pained to see people leave the cog package and his excuse for his failed prophecies is thus:

The congregation needs to fast and pray so that more of the remnant "throughout the scattered nations of Israel, and from throughout the scattered body, of people who were scattered from the body, who were vomited out of the body" will repent and turn for Ron to lead them.

All this fasting and praying will cause "God to stir up the thunders"causing the scattered vomit to return to the true church of Ron.

He continues to glorify HWA even to the wine he buys; Mr Armstrong this, Mr Armstrong that. RW is definitely an old testament preacher, he preaches of that which he does not know.

He did mention how good Romans 7 and 8 is, how it mentions "oh wretched man that I am. Who will free me from this body of sin?" He reads that kind of scripture to make his congregation feel guilty and sinful, in hopes that out of their guilt they will give to "the work". What about romans 7:6? But now we are discharged from the law, dead to that which held us captive, so that we serve not under the old written code but in the new life of the Spirit.

If you are a member of the COG-PKG, please read that scripture again and it will set you free. Ronald Weinland heaps burdens upon others which he himself will not carry. Ron tells you to have patience with God.
God did not write 2008 God's Final Witness, Ron wrote it. So you have to have patience with Ron, until you realize he is a false prophet who does not preach Jesus. Ron will ride your tithes until you leave like the others before you. There are always new converts to replenish those who leave.

He duped you with his book by preying on your faith. Mr Armstrong is Ron's God. He mentions him more than Jesus, and he substituted your bible with his 2008 - God's Final Witness. Does he ever tell you to read the testimony of Jesus Christ. No. "It's all on the web site"

Any person who continues to follow Ronald Weinland is in danger of losing his/her faith, and becoming an atheist like so many former followers of Armstrongism who realized that they gave hard earned money to a cause that did nothing good for anyone. Is the continual feeling of guilt and shame good for anyone?

The truth shall set you free. And anyone who has experienced captivity knows the joy of freedom once set free.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stop The Presses

Hold on a second. It's 2009!

Ronald Weinland wrote a book called "2008 God's Final Witness". It describes the horror and destruction to start in the year 2008. But it is now 2009. The cover of his book is going to have to be changed.(along with the content)

I like the proposed cover by this budding young graphic artist. It is a better cover than the present one.

2008 GFW can go on the shelf with The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, and all the other books written by those who seek to bask in their own glory.

Obama is being inaugurated next week. Still no nuclear explosions in port cities. I'll close with a quote from Herbert W Armstrong, since it is the anniversary of his death today:

"But all these things, as Jesus explained, are to be only the beginning of our time of national trouble. "Once we are weakened by starvation, disease and the resulting calamitous economic depression, the Ten-Nation European Colossus will suddenly strike with hydrogen bombs that shall destroy our cities and our centers of industrial and military production!"
Herbert W. Armstrong, 1975 In Prophecy, p. 13

Monday, January 12, 2009


In Ronald Weinland's sermon of January 10th, he told his congregation:
"It is not wise to spread it around about your fasting."
I guess that is to prevent objecting family members from trying to discourage their loved ones from attending Ron's cult. I'm not really sure about anything regarding Ron's methods anymore.

I gather his excuse for nothing happening so far is god has allowed more space between the trumpets to bring more into the church. And of course every sermon is all about the tithe. But he threw a surprise into the Jan 3rd sermon when he mentioned T2 should not be sent in, but kept for yourselves for later use.

My latest poll asked the question: Do you think any of the 5 notable scattered ministers will drop dead this year? I am amazed that 69% of respondents said NO.
I am sure at least one of them is in his seventies and could expire due to natural causes. One thing is for sure. If any of em drop dead it won't be on account of Ronald Weinland.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stop Yelling At Me

50 minutes into today's "sermon" the word irony comes to mind. Ron yells at his congregation that it blows his mind sometimes how anyone in gods church can have any ill feeling towards anyone else in gods church. I thought the peace of Jesus rested upon the church. I guess Ronnie's isn't a church.
Today was supposed to be a fast so I am sure there were members of the congregation who were hungry and thirsty. But Ron can drink water because he is speaking.
I know you are thirsty, but please excuse me while I drink this glass of water in front of you. Give me a break.

Today was a fast, or yesterday was a fast, unless you are going to fast tomorrow. On the 31st of January is a two day fast. That's 48 hours of no food or drink. But you can fast one day or a couple of hours or whatever you can manage.

I think Ronald Weinland needs counselling and/or medication. Maybe public ministers SHOULD be licenced by the government.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


It's official! Ronald Weinland wins False Prophet of the Year, hands down. Although there are many runners-up, Ronald Weinland has actually changed the meaning of the scriptures and disregarded the message of the gospel.
What reward do you think he deserves?