Ronald Weinland, you should read Matthew 9:13

"Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.' For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."

Saturday, August 29, 2009


From Dallas Texas today. Seems the front row is usually empty. I guess no one wants to sit too close to Ronnie Profit.

Ron was warning people not to surf the net. I wonder why? I guess the weinlandites have to stay off the net so they don't discover the blogs and sites dedicated to exposing his distortion of the truth. All he really wants is a tithe and an ear to berate.

Don't preach to others, especially if they are in Russia. Ron believes they cannot be saved.

I have to mention how Ronald Weinland cannot read the words of Jesus Christ without getting pissed off. He was ranting today about how "In my fathers house there are many mansions", really means in my fathers house there are many rooms. The mansions must be reserved for Ron.

Ron says Yahway Elohim is the name of God. Well if he wants to believe that, he can because it's a free country. I am sure I read in the NT "Jesus Christ is the only name by which you can be saved". But Ron disagrees. It's Yahway or the highway.

Why does he cling to the old covenant? Take this example: You shall not kindle a fire on the Sabbath day. What about those who don't live in Jerusalem? How about some poor believer in Alaska on a -65 degree winters Sabbath? Is this Alaskan and his newborn baby to freeze to death because we are to follow Ronald Weinland's perverted views on scripture. Perhaps the end time prophet can make a concession? I think if you are going to follow a set of rules, you have to follow all the rules, not just the ones that you like.

If you are a member of the COG PKG, the next time Weinland starts reading a quote from Jesus Christ, take notice of how pissed off he becomes. And how he explains how twisted the interpretation is. It seems God can't get his bible right, so Ron has to rewrite it. Let me ask you this: who has the peace of God Almighty upon them? One who is happy when they read the words of Jesus? Or one who becomes agitated, displeased, and starts yelling?

Ronald Weinland is pathetic. He is a robber and a thief. He has deceived all who will listen. Promising you understanding and blessings, he takes your money and your freedom. If you quit this man, you will not be condemned by God. Rather you will be blessed with freedom to read the testimony of Jesus, without constant correction.

There is no peace in Ronald Weinland. He is a con artist; a professional bullshitter. I guess he is a comedian as well. I really laughed when he said "Can't you read?!".

The smell of death emanates from Ronald Weinland and all those like him. All his money still can't keep him from that cold darkness which is waiting for him.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ronald Weinland says Jesus was not crucified the way recorded in the New Testament. Ron's infinite wisdom dictates that Jesus was simply nailed to a stake. If that is true, why was he compelled to carry the cross beam to the place of execution? Here is an excerpt from the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia:

The person executed may sometimes have been attached to the cross by ropes, but nails are mentioned in a passage by the Judean historian Josephus, where he states that, at the Siege of Jerusalem (70), "the soldiers out of rage and hatred, nailed those they caught, one after one way, and another after another, to the crosses, by way of jest". Objects, such as nails, used in the execution of criminals were sought as amulets.
Frequently, the legs of the person executed were broken or shattered with an iron club, an act called crurifragium which was also frequently applied without crucifixion to slaves. This act hastened the death of the person but was also meant to deter those who observed the crucifixion from committing offenses.

I would be interested in why Ron is so adamant about the stake versus traditional crucifixion. Jerusalem would have had a dedicated place of execution during the Roman occupation. The prisoners would have to carry their own cross beam as an additional punishment. They were nailed to the cross beam and then hoisted up by rope through a notch at the top of a permanent pole embedded in the ground. If Jesus was nailed to the stake, as Ron preaches, he would not need to have carried a crossbeam.

Ronald Weinland does not have a PhD in anthropology, but Dr. Nick Hass professor of anatomy at H.U. Medical School does:

In his article "Anthropological Observations on the Skeletal Remains from Giv’at ha-Mivtar" published in the Israel Exploration Journal in 1970, N. Haas of the Department of Anatomy at Hebrew University, writes of the remains of a man crucified around A.D. 70 as showing that the two-beam cross was in use in Palestine in the first century: "The whole of our interpretation concerning the position of the body on the cross may be described briefly as follows: The feet were joined almost parallel, both transfixed by the same nail at the heels, with the legs adjacent; the knees were doubled, the right one overlapping the left; the trunk was contorted; the upper limbs were stretched out, each stabbed by a nail in the forearm."
Link to Wikipedia article on Crucify

The testimony of Jesus Christ clearly indicates he was crucified in this manner, and it is backed up by an anthropologist's lecture along with many historian's account of the times. Ron invents mischief to get peoples attention, then uses his sorcery to lead them away from the truth, and enslave them into his tithe pool.

In anticipation of Ron's response of "Wikipedia isn't a real encyclopedia. Anyone can write whatever garbage they want to, and post it on Wikipedia.", I am providing a link to Encyclopedia Britannica which publishes almost exactly word for word what is published by Wikipedia.

Just because Ron saw a drawing of a field expedient crucifixion, he has jumped to conclusions and abandoned what is clearly written in the Holy Bible. There is no truth in Ronald Weinland, which is why he is wearing the headgear of an enchanter on this blog. Of course everything written about Ronald Weinland here is only my humble opinion.

If I were to judge Ronald Weinland by the law of Moses, things would look pretty grim for him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are All Churches Cults?

I'd lean towards yes, if I was asked that question.

I know the title of this post may seem eerily reminiscent of some Plain Truth article, but I really did think this one up on my own. It wouldn't surprise me if there is a church publication out there with the same title.

Although there are many small local community churches that do a lot of good and do not fit this title, I believe most churches are nothing but businesses concerned with profit and growth.

So I do have to say that all Major churches are cults because we have to give money and behave according to their bylaws, which sometimes have nothing to do with what is written in the bible. In a real church everyone should be happy and at peace with one another. Doubly so for the "minister".

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I've been busy and unable to blog for most of the summer. Aside from comments left on Mike's site and DeeDub's, Gavin's most excellent I'll tell ya what they don't want ya to know Ambassador Watch, and my own personal web sites, I have been neglecting my own Jack Said blog. So here goes:

Little Boo Boo is now crawling. This happy, beautiful little creation brings joy to my heart. All of us were happy and carefree until we got old enough to be exposed to the world, and then our happy little spirits got crushed. When he gets old enough I will teach him about life and how to stay happy. Like if you piss high enough, you will make a rainbow. I'll teach him the things he needs to know in order to prevent others from taking his happiness away. I will especially teach him about people like Ronald Weinland. The children below have just been told that their parents are tithing to PKG. Ron now gets the money which was supposed to go towards their college education, nice clothing, shoes, delicious food, treats, vacation trips (that don't include the word "Feast"), and gifts.

Aw come on kids! It's not that bad. When you grow up you'll know that because mommy and daddy gave away 20% of their paychecks, you are saved from the horrors of Ron's sixth timeline. (I have a feeling he aint gonna retire until the law locks him up, or he has a stroke or dies).

Today I decided to listen to RW's whole sermon and blog about it. Ten minutes before sermon time, I poured myself a nice glass of cold whole milk and put five peanut butter cookies on a plate. I sat down at my desk and started listening. About six minutes into the ...heh heh..."sermon", the bottle of Crown Royal came out.

Ron said: "Where no law is, there is no sin". He said it, not me. So if those who are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ are no longer under the law, why is Ron proclaiming we must follow the law. So we can be guilty of sin? More likely so we will feel guilty, and tithe to get relief from that guilt.

While he is quoting this scripture he stops and says "Some of the way Paul wrote is difficult to understand." Bullshit! You say that because it doesn't fit in with your spell, so you have to stop reading scripture that contradicts your doctrine, and immediately start manipulating the minds of those who may have understood the scripture for it's plain un-interpreted truth. Don't want to let them use their own minds, eh?

According to Ron, God's gone fishing and he's catching spiritual fish. So while God is fishing, Ron is ranting about bathrooms again. People who throw their towels on the floor are pigs. I guess those disgusting pigs just don't get it.

Ron says the people who are writing all the garbage about him are "miserably unhappy people" who are miserable because they don't like what happened to them during the old days of world wide. I have been writing about Ronald Weinland, but it's not garbage. It's important information which exposes him as a fraud, not qualified to preach the word of God or even counsel another person who needs help.

As for "miserably unhappy people", I honestly believe I could very well be the happiest person alive on the earth today. I treat everyone with respect and kindness. Even when someone is disagreeable or belligerent, I try to calm them down and make them happy. When I was younger, football players who wanted to punch me in the face ended up buying me drinks. Ron didn't fair so well. I wonder why?(Just joking). I know why. Because he didn't understand that alcohol mixed with hormones produces insecurity based anger. A little compassion goes a long way, Ron.

I don't push my faith on anyone, but I am always ready to defend it and I win. The contender usually stops talking and stomps off in anger. "Miserably unhappy", I am not! Last time I yelled at another person was July 1998. I decided I would rather use my energy in a positive way, because nothing good comes from contention. Maybe he wasn't talking about me. Musta been that miserable Mike, or all the other miserable bloggers who are trying to warn others of Ronald Weinland and his church that maketh miserable.

Enough about the misery. How about some laughter.

Ron says Jesus was crucified on a stake with his arms nailed above his head. And the reason the soldiers broke the legs of those who were crucified was because they had to stand up so they could breathe. Well I'm not a bible scholar, but I am pretty sure I read that the soldiers would break the legs of the crucified criminals after they were taken down and throw them into the dump. The reason they broke the legs was so if they survived the fall to Gehenna, they wouldn't be able to run or walk away.

But I am not a bible preaching scholar, so I will look it up tomorrow and post it in the comments section. Wow, that was a long post. Sorry.