Ronald Weinland, you should read Matthew 9:13

"Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.' For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ronald Weinland is pained to see people leave the cog package and his excuse for his failed prophecies is thus:

The congregation needs to fast and pray so that more of the remnant "throughout the scattered nations of Israel, and from throughout the scattered body, of people who were scattered from the body, who were vomited out of the body" will repent and turn for Ron to lead them.

All this fasting and praying will cause "God to stir up the thunders"causing the scattered vomit to return to the true church of Ron.

He continues to glorify HWA even to the wine he buys; Mr Armstrong this, Mr Armstrong that. RW is definitely an old testament preacher, he preaches of that which he does not know.

He did mention how good Romans 7 and 8 is, how it mentions "oh wretched man that I am. Who will free me from this body of sin?" He reads that kind of scripture to make his congregation feel guilty and sinful, in hopes that out of their guilt they will give to "the work". What about romans 7:6? But now we are discharged from the law, dead to that which held us captive, so that we serve not under the old written code but in the new life of the Spirit.

If you are a member of the COG-PKG, please read that scripture again and it will set you free. Ronald Weinland heaps burdens upon others which he himself will not carry. Ron tells you to have patience with God.
God did not write 2008 God's Final Witness, Ron wrote it. So you have to have patience with Ron, until you realize he is a false prophet who does not preach Jesus. Ron will ride your tithes until you leave like the others before you. There are always new converts to replenish those who leave.

He duped you with his book by preying on your faith. Mr Armstrong is Ron's God. He mentions him more than Jesus, and he substituted your bible with his 2008 - God's Final Witness. Does he ever tell you to read the testimony of Jesus Christ. No. "It's all on the web site"

Any person who continues to follow Ronald Weinland is in danger of losing his/her faith, and becoming an atheist like so many former followers of Armstrongism who realized that they gave hard earned money to a cause that did nothing good for anyone. Is the continual feeling of guilt and shame good for anyone?

The truth shall set you free. And anyone who has experienced captivity knows the joy of freedom once set free.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stop The Presses

Hold on a second. It's 2009!

Ronald Weinland wrote a book called "2008 God's Final Witness". It describes the horror and destruction to start in the year 2008. But it is now 2009. The cover of his book is going to have to be changed.(along with the content)

I like the proposed cover by this budding young graphic artist. It is a better cover than the present one.

2008 GFW can go on the shelf with The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, and all the other books written by those who seek to bask in their own glory.

Obama is being inaugurated next week. Still no nuclear explosions in port cities. I'll close with a quote from Herbert W Armstrong, since it is the anniversary of his death today:

"But all these things, as Jesus explained, are to be only the beginning of our time of national trouble. "Once we are weakened by starvation, disease and the resulting calamitous economic depression, the Ten-Nation European Colossus will suddenly strike with hydrogen bombs that shall destroy our cities and our centers of industrial and military production!"
Herbert W. Armstrong, 1975 In Prophecy, p. 13

Monday, January 12, 2009


In Ronald Weinland's sermon of January 10th, he told his congregation:
"It is not wise to spread it around about your fasting."
I guess that is to prevent objecting family members from trying to discourage their loved ones from attending Ron's cult. I'm not really sure about anything regarding Ron's methods anymore.

I gather his excuse for nothing happening so far is god has allowed more space between the trumpets to bring more into the church. And of course every sermon is all about the tithe. But he threw a surprise into the Jan 3rd sermon when he mentioned T2 should not be sent in, but kept for yourselves for later use.

My latest poll asked the question: Do you think any of the 5 notable scattered ministers will drop dead this year? I am amazed that 69% of respondents said NO.
I am sure at least one of them is in his seventies and could expire due to natural causes. One thing is for sure. If any of em drop dead it won't be on account of Ronald Weinland.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stop Yelling At Me

50 minutes into today's "sermon" the word irony comes to mind. Ron yells at his congregation that it blows his mind sometimes how anyone in gods church can have any ill feeling towards anyone else in gods church. I thought the peace of Jesus rested upon the church. I guess Ronnie's isn't a church.
Today was supposed to be a fast so I am sure there were members of the congregation who were hungry and thirsty. But Ron can drink water because he is speaking.
I know you are thirsty, but please excuse me while I drink this glass of water in front of you. Give me a break.

Today was a fast, or yesterday was a fast, unless you are going to fast tomorrow. On the 31st of January is a two day fast. That's 48 hours of no food or drink. But you can fast one day or a couple of hours or whatever you can manage.

I think Ronald Weinland needs counselling and/or medication. Maybe public ministers SHOULD be licenced by the government.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


It's official! Ronald Weinland wins False Prophet of the Year, hands down. Although there are many runners-up, Ronald Weinland has actually changed the meaning of the scriptures and disregarded the message of the gospel.
What reward do you think he deserves?