Ronald Weinland, you should read Matthew 9:13

"Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.' For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Live In A Cesspool

Last week during God's Witness Is Ending Part One, Ron told us there are going to be some surprises. Well, SURPRISE! There is a church fast next sabbath. I know by the size of Ron's gut, he could use a fast.

He said we live in a cesspool. I haven't seen a cesspool since the sixties, and I doubt they are still in existence in the western world. But if he wants to call the world a cesspool, I guess it's a free country and he can say what he wants.

As for his sermon, it didn't seem much like a sermon to me. He was defensive and confusing. He didn't seem to say anything at all. Just a bunch of babbling to confuse anyone trying to make sense of what he was saying. I am bewildered as to what he was trying to convey. I may be wrong but I think he was saying the world won't see anything until the fifth trumpet. To tell you the truth, I haven't a clue what he was babbling about. I am sure don't drink the flavoraid would be able to explain better than I.

"It's not just about the trumpets, it's about the thunders." Ronald Weinland Dec 27, 2008
What the hell does that mean?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A very merry Christmas to you Ronnie. I am very happy that you put a google ad on my web site, thus leading me to discovery of the falseness of your preaching. Your falsehoods have increased my faith by allowing me to immediately recognize a false preaching when I hear it. The amount of gospel I have read has taken root in my heart, and I realize that the Word dwells within me by the fact that I knew what you were, the moment I heard you speak.

Repent Ronnie, there's still time. Do you really want to stand before God Almighty, charged with leading the sheep astray of Jesus?

Jesus Christ is the only name by which you can be saved.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


God's final witness is ending. That's right folks we are down to the wire according to Ronald Weinland:

"We are down to the time when God will reveal whether this is his work, or not. Whether he inspired this book with such a title, or not. Whether Laura and I are indeed gods end time witnesses, or not."

And now the first trumpet is not going to be something you will physically see.
But in his book he wrote of the first trumpet:

This first powerful event of the Seventh Seal will result in wide-spread destruction over the United States and beyond her border into Canada. When we are told that a third of all plant life will be destroyed, that is exactly what it means.

But we won't be able to physicaly see it. But we will be able to see it when the second trumpet is blown which may not happen for a year.

The mockers and the scorners are going to get it soon. Die from within; and not slowly now ...speedily.

First it was speedily die, then it was slowly die, and now we are back to speedily.
Okay, mockers speedily and trumpet slowly. Got it!

I JUST HAVE TO ADD THIS SIGN. It would be impossible for me to not include it in this post.

(Used without permission)

One of the alleged mockers

Friday, December 19, 2008

The President That Never Was

Barrak Obama is due to be sworn in on the 20th day of January, 2009. According to Ronald Weinland, no president will take office in January.
Someone had better get a hold of president-elect Obama and tell him he has a big disappointment ahead of him.
And please do it now so he can get his old job back before it is filled.

Or maybe.....just maybe, Ron is lying again while being insane and not preaching anymore.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ronald Weinland and the End of Prophecy 2008

Ronald Weinland has prophesied the end-time 2008 as starting today, Dec 14th. I am in a major North American city and it is getting dark. The ILFPRW announced the trumpet will be blown today and I have heard NOTHING.

I have not heard the "Jerusalem Sermon" yet because I am enjoying family and friends for another week. I really want to listen to his special sermon, as I want to hear the latest terrors and warnings from the doorman on the doorstep of horror.

I will probably listen tonight after some tribulation pizza. the way there are only 17 more days left in 2008. I thought Ron's book was entitled "2008 the end time in prophecy". Next printing will have to be 2009, or why not just make it 2012?


Ronald Weinland

The video below shows my prediction of what will happen to Ronald Weinland's pastorship when it spins out of control.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Up here in Canada, something wonderful is about to happen which proves to me that I live in a free country. Our prime minister (the equivalent of your president) is about to be removed from office after a little over one month of being re-elected.
Due to ineffective governing and lack of policy, Steven Harper is going to receive a vote of non confidence by the opposing elected officials on monday. The remaining politicians will form a government. Now that is democracy in action.

Having to put up with an ineffectual leader, who makes carefree mistakes is something the people of Canada do not have to suffer. How many countries in the world can the people have their leader removed without bloodshed and uprisings?

Unfortunately for the people of the Ronald Weinland Church of Broken Promises, they do not seem to have this power. Surely after the 14th of December they will start to hunger for the truth. Ronald Weinland says he will "start his job" as end time prophet and witness of the Revelation in less than two weeks.

I hereby cast my vote of non confidence in Ronald Weinland. Of all the terrors and horrors he has prophesied, nothing will happen after Dec 14th and President-elect Obama will take office on Jan 20th.

Give it up Ron. Release the captives! Let them READ their own bibles.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The entire Bible summarized in one sentence.

Be nice to each other like Jesus said, and good things WILL happen to you.

Uhhhh...okay, let me throw in one more sentence.

Don't hang around with people like Ronald Weinland.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

How Many More Times?

Ronald Weinland is a member of a list. It is a long list. It is the list of those who have prophesied the end and failed.

On another Weinland blog called Don't drink the flavoraid there is a picture of the aftermath of Jonestown, Guyania. Above Jim Jones's empty chair hangs a sign which reads:


That sign is eerily true.

The picture above is of a sticker that was attached to a utility pole in the early nineties. I posted it to show how there are others who have predicted the date of the end and failed. Disregard the word rapture. ILFPRW is not affiliated with the rapture movement.

Monday, November 17, 2008


At least one person has been killed in an Indonesian earthquake. It is now the 17th of november and nothing has happened. Ronald Weinland better have a little wax left on the ribbon of his seventh seal. Unless this Indonesian earthquake is a "sign".

Nothing has happened as I predicted. Ronald Weinland has failed again, and he will fail again and again. He has put himself above Jesus Christ and changed the meaning of the scriptures.

"Everything is on the website"
I say everything is in the bible; we are to study the testimony of Jesus Christ and his servants THEN we willl understatnd the old testament.

`This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me;
9: in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.'

Ronald Weinland is a con artist. If you don't believe me, check out what Dr. Mike professor of Weinlandology says.

The ILFPRW is going to be on ABC TV in Australia on Sunday the 23rd. That's a program I must see. I'd like to know how he will explain away his latest blunder (14 Nov 7th seal).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Poster Should Be On The Wall in Ronald Weinland's Office

November 14th is supposed to be the date of Ronald Weinland's re unsealing of his seventh seal. This poster was made for Ron. He "just doesn't get it."

I will tell you now, nothing is going to happen on the 14th or the 15th that will be of any significance. I have been unable to comment on his sermons for the last few weeks, but I'll take a stab at it. I am sure he told his congregation :

Their money, investments, property, and gold etc., will be worthless.

We are still on the doorstep of horror.

We are sick, sick, sick.

We just don't get it.

And of course the berating of his congregation and twisting of the scripture to his own purpose.

I wonder how he feels about the fact that a president was elected.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ronald Weinland says you need speakers for your mp3 player.

During the tribulation you should have battery powered speakers for your mp3 player so you can let others hear the word of Ronald Weinland. I say the bible does not need batteries.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word abides forever."

Ronald Weinland mixes the truth with lies. Ronald weinland is a false prophet.
I am going to vote and go down south for a few days. I don't have time to listen to the three speeches from the spokesman of the two witnesses of the cog package. But when I get back I am definitely going to play the Weinland Watch drinking game. I am also going to permanently post some links to other bloggers who monitor the ILFPRW. One of them.......There are some who call him in my opinion an absolute authority on Weinlandology. Yes, Dr. Mike professor of Weinlandology.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sometimes the less said the better

Today's sermon from Ronald Weinland's New Zealand hotel is more of the same underlying message about the economy and it's effect on the U.S dollar.

It hasn't been just some thunders, its been a thunderstorm!
He again tells us our 401K and savings accounts will be worthless. This time he mentioned that even gold coins will be worthless. Any student of history will know that gold is hard currency that has been used everywhere in the world in times of war and depression. While paper money can become worthless, gold and silver are always valuable. Even if the U.S were destroyed in a nuclear attack, those who survived could use gold coins to secure passage or buy things several years later. It does not matter whose head is minted on the coin, gold is gold in any country.

In a dumbfounding example of 'Do as I say and not as I do' Ron tells us "Don't speak evil of others" and "it's better to be still and quiet".

Good news for the kiddies: Ron now says you can have a cake or special dessert on your birthday, but you cant have a celebration based on get get get and expect to get every year. Just remember, while your are eating that cake, be still and quiet.
Sorry kids, Christmas is still cancelled.

And on account of he useth the KJV I shall telleth you that which he spake:
James 5:10 "Take, my brethren, the prophets, who have spoken in the name of the Lord, for an example of suffering affliction, and of patience."
He uses that scripture in the manner he is most known for. Twisting the words into his own purpose:
"Whats the point there?, hasn't been well received has it?
Who do they lash out at? ....the prophet. They lash out at them because they don't understand they're lashing out at god."

If you were a prophet of God I would not have to correct your error of interpretation, and make it known that you are false. You said "the less said the better". You should apply that statement to your sermons. They are 1% scripture and 99% cult brainwashing technique.
The scripture cannot be broken, but you leave a trail of torn and redacted pages in your destructive wake. As with other "churches" the devastation you cause to innocent believers leads some to atheism. And I don't blame them.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's time for ANOTHER, another offering

That's right folks, it's time for another offering. Surely you can handle it. After all, you saved money by not eating or drinking today.

Ronald Weinland justified his day of atonement fasting and cash collecting with Hebrews 9:1, but failed to continue on to 9:11 without dropping the message that Jesus abolishes the first covenant in order to to establish the second covenant which is the new testament. And by that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all

Ronald Weinland is a con artist who searches the old testament for any scripture that he can twist into a cash cow. He also perverts the scripture of the new testament for his own benefit.

Going on, he says the Jews that tie those little boxes on their heads bring shame on their religion. They're messing with the false spirit world.
This coming from a man who says when he comes before god he doesn't want to make a religion out of it, to where he becomes so strong to his attitude in his mind that he condemns others that are not like him. Which is a direct contradiction of what he has previously said:

"My first exercise in use of power is to you mockers. It begins with you. You will be the first to experience [it]. You don’t have to wait long. For those who mock from this day forward, by what you say against god’s people, for what you say against god’s truths, you will suffer from sickness that will eat you from the inside out and you will die. Your death will not be quick.”

I would like to comment on this fasting ritual of Ronald Weinland's and how he said to use discretion in determining when is the proper age to introduce your kids to fasting. On his website he states in his FAQ's:

"Some teens are asking about baptism, but the usual minimum age for accountability is 18, therefore people cannot be baptized until at least this age."

If you have to be 18 to be baptized (after you have paid with a cashiers check), why can't you wait till you are 18 in order for your mind to be weakened by fasting so you can give another offering? Children grow from the moment of conception til they are adults. They need NUTRITION in order to grow in a HEALTHY manner.

When this beautiful nine day old boy is older, I am going to teach him the truth about anything he asks me. I will not hide anything from him under the age old tradition of "Oh...he's to young to hear about that". I will also teach him about things he does not ask. Especially about people like Ronald Weinland, who will lie to him and try to take advantage of him.

"if by the end of July and for most likely around Pentecost if nothing has clearly caused great destruction and death I will make it very clear that I was a false prophet"

Ronald Weinland, you should read Matthew 9:13:
"Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.' For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."

If you don't go and learn what it means, then you are a con artist. And that's the plain truth.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

On The Doorstep Of Horror

This is my pre-typed post on ILFPRW's pre-recorded "sermon" for tomorrow in Sydney Australia. He starts of by telling his followers to use discretion in determining when is the proper age to start starving your kids. Likewise for nursing mothers because fasting can cause them to dry up.

Ron taught me something I did not know. Caffeine withdrawal can cause terrible headaches. I'm glad I only have one a day.
After mentioning the book of Revelation, and how we should not add to or take away from the book of the prophecy (which apparently does not apply to himself), I heard we should be careful about birthdays. Sorry kiddies, no birthday parties in the cog package. We would'nt want you to gain back all that weight you lost during the fast.

31 minutes into his sermon and he has not got past the first sentence in James that he started with. I know I could read aloud the whole letter of James in less than that time. And legibly.

He said Congress FINALLY(emphasis on the word FINALLY) passed the 700 billion dollar bailout but we are still on the doorstep of horror.
People who smoke obnoxious stinking cigarettes don't even know that they stink with the obnoxious stink of smoke. They just don't get it because they are sick, sick, sick.
Well Ron, next time you are about to leave a building, and you see those obnoxious smokers outside puffing away, turn away from that "doorstep of horror" and find another exit.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

When did time begin for Ronald Weinland?

The purportedly insane lying false prophet Ronald Weinland said we are coming up on the 6000 years. I'd like to know what calendar he is using. We are now in the month of Tishrei in the year 5769 according the the Hebrew calendar.
Let's do some math:
Looks like we've got another 231 years to go till the year 6000. Jesus was born about 4BC, so if he was going to show up on the anniversary of his birthday he would have been here around 1996. Likewise the anniversary of his death and resurrection about 30 AD would put his return at 2030ish. So looks like we've got 22-25 years to go or 231 years to go...................or he could return in about half an hour.
"No man knows of that day and hour............"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Word is true.

The results of an INTERNATIONAL survey on Ronald Weinland are in.
Conducted by CanServe, the following question was asked:
Do you think Ronald Weinland a pastor with the his "church of god" will:

A. Be arrested?
B. Pull a Jimmy Swaggart type confession in front of his congregation admitting he was deceived?
C. Disappear with all the money raised by his "church"?
D. Be called up to heaven because he is God's prophet?

55% of those polled said he would disappear with the money to Switzerland.
25% said he would repent a la Jimmy Swaggart.
15% said he would called up to heaven.
5% said he would be arrested.

I think I agree with the poll. Although he is a pastor, he is also an author and could think he is entitled to the money raised through book sales and decide to take it all when he leaves.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yes Ron, you were in Cincinatti last week heh heh, and again today. I apologize for not knowing exactly where you are at all times.

So the alleged ILFPRW thinks that no matter what the government does, the dollar will be worthless. I know most governments are in the business of running a country and will not allow a depression to happen again. That is why they are going to buy out the debt. Anything else would be .....well..............insane.
Here is the unadulterated version of the scripture mentioned today, in its entirety:
Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. James 1:27
I have mentioned that people should not give their money to the cog package, or any other church, but instead give to the poor on the streets or the poverty stricken in your own community. I think that statement sort of reflects on the above scripture(and many others). Ronald Weinland has another interpretation of the Word.
He wants us to know that the money we have in our bank accounts, we may not be able to get at it. "That troubles me because I realize all the tithes that are out there and monies that are in different places ,...because we don't put all the eggs in one basket" He also mentioned that 401K and stocks and land won't be worth anything when the dollar falls to zero. "Hopefully you're not thinking about using your 401." because it will be worthless. So I gather from today's speech that he wants everyone to know that their bank accounts, stocks, 401K, and real estate will be worthless very soon.
I think that even in a full blown depression, anyone who owns real estate would have no worries if it is in fact out right owned. Even if Ron could get his entire flock to run to the bank, it would have no effect on the goverment buying out the debt and preventing a depression. The only depression that will happen is when these poor innocent people liquify their assets and give most of it to Ron so he can advertise his truthiness to the world, then realize they are broke and have to start over.

Be careful Ron, there is nothing more dangerous than a pissed off sociopathic ex-cult member. Except maybe a dozen or so of them.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Ronald Weinland is in Hawaii Cincinatti this coming speech day. I imagine he will focus on keeping his church together by manipulating more of the scripture.

I read something interesting last night and I want to comment on it:

"we cannot find a tithe record. I see you expected to mail the tithe in our past e-mails. Reply back to this e-mail as this is a prerequisite to baptism"

Ronald's church emails prospects that they may not be baptised without payment by cashiers cheque? "My my my"...said the spider to the fly.

Ron says pay first. Jesus says free to all who desire.

"And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price." from the revelation of Jesus Christ to John, chapter 22, part of verse 17.

I will comment on the "sermon" as soon as I hear it tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Fifty First? Truth To Be Revealed

On the 30th of September I shall reveal a great announcement concerning Ronald Weinland, a purported insane lying false prophet.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ronald Weinland's mouth DISAPPEARS!

Could this be the "Switzerland Incident"? Has Ronald the false prophet finally decided he cannot maintain his grip on the lost sheep who follow him? Last heard from in Belgium, he is out of the reach of the IRS, and close to the land of secret bank accounts.
It is Sunday 13:00hrs E.S.T. and still no sermon posted to his web site. Perhaps he is having trouble with his web site or is too busy burning people to ashes with his breath.
I guess we will have to wait and see.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


For those of you concerned about RW not telling his congregation about his IRS woes, he did mention one of his followers emailing him and stating "if the government is coming after you" then you can't be true.
He also mentioned "I used to believe I would end up in Switzerland"
If you have been reading my previous posts you know I have been wondering if he will dissappear to switzerland because that is where his websites are hosted and it is also known for banking privacy.

His sermons are two hours long and I believe I could read aloud the amount of scripture he actually puts into them, in about 15 minutes. He talks on and on about what he believes is important, and when he gets back to reading out the scripture he speed reads. When he reads the word of God he speaks it very fast and I get the impression it's an inconvenience to his sermon because he has to stop talking to read some more of the Gospel.

So , he mentioned that the government is coming after him, but without any specificity.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ronald Weinland's alter ego

I have no other explanation for Ronald Weinland's mind control over his sheep. From now on when I listen to his speeches I will imagine this what he is wearing.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

TALLY HO from the U.K.

I think ronald weinland is broadcasting from England today. That means the seventh day sabbath starts earlier. I am going to give a concise commentary on his sermon today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ronald Weinland --Prophet self proclaimed

Ronald Weinland mentioned in his latest sermon "there will not be a president inaugurated in January".
Does this mean George Bush will remain president? Does this mean the next president will not be inaugurated until february?
I guess we will have to wait and see. He did mention that they would not "drink anything" in reference to Jim Jones cult drinking cyanide laced Koolaide.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Preaching or leeching?

Ronald Weinland can't read what is in the Bible and understand it. Whenever someone starts adding up dates and bible codes, they end up in a precarious state.
"Of that day and that hour knoweth no man, nor the angels in heaven, but the Father only"
Looks pretty plain to me cause I can read.