Ronald Weinland, you should read Matthew 9:13

"Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.' For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Ronald Weinland of the Church of God - Preparing for the Kingdom of God (COGPKG) wrote an apocalyptic book entitled 2008 God's Final Witness detailing a three and one half year horror show of end time tribulation.  Nuclear war, pestilence, drought, floods, earthquakes etc, were all supposed to happen during the time period of 2008-2012.  The U.S.A. factored prominently in his prophecies to the point of declaring that no new president would be elected in 2009.

None of Ron's predictions or published prophecies took place.  The great tribulation was slowly compressed into a smaller and smaller window with excuse after excuse, culminating in only one week.  This last week of May 2012 is supposed to end with the return of Jesus Christ after a nuclear holocaust and destruction of civilization.

Even though the Testimony of Jesus Christ clearly shows that no man knows the day or the hour of His return, Ronald Weinland has twisted almost every scripture I have heard him quote.  Jesus himself warned you about false prophets:

But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.

Ronald Weinland has twisted that scripture and says it means back in the days of Jesus no one would know, but that has changed and God has revealed to him (Ronald Weinland) the date of Jesus Christ's return, so he could warn us.  But the scriptures say

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away

So if the scripture says His words shall not pass away but remain forever, changing the words would make Jesus a liar.  Ronald Weinland has taught his followers that Jesus lied to the Jews when he said:

Before Abraham was, I am.

Compare what is written in your Bible with what Ronald Weinland is teaching (or any Armstrong cult).  Why would God have things written that would not mean exactly what they say in plain english?  Jesus is not a liar, Ronald Weinland is a lying con artist because he has twisted every scripture he has come across.  Instead of preaching the Gospel, he is collecting tithes to do the "work" God has given him to do.  I've got some good news for you.  The work has already been done.  Jesus said "It is finished" on the cross.  The New Testament is published in every country in the world in almost every language in the world.  Anyone can access the testimony of Jesus Christ.  No one needs a preacher to read the Bible to them unless they are blind and do not know how to read braille.

The message of the entire Bible is "Love thy neighbour".  You do not need to give money to some preacher who does not even have a church in your neighbourhood.  If you feel the need to tithe, why not give to the poor instead of making a false prophet rich.  And there are many false prophets out there.

Take heed that no one leads you astray; for many will come in my Name saying 'I am He' and 'The time is at hand!'.  Do not go after them

There are many blogs out there that have been warning you about Ronald Weinland but you turn away from them to follow a false prophet.  How much money has he stolen from you?  He has robbed you and your children and your future.

There will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction.  In their greed they will exploit you with false words; from of old their condemnation has not been idle, and their destruction has not been asleep.

I don't interpret or manipulate the Word. I just write it down exactly as it is written.

"1Ti 6:3 If anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that accords with godliness, 1Ti 6:4 he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing."

Gal 1:9 As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.

You PKGers are following a proven false prophet. Pick up your Bible and start reading on the first page of Matthew; NOT the Old Testament. Otherwise, you deserve what people like Ronald Weinland are going to do to you. The end of the Bible is Paradise. The end with Ronald Weinland is misery, then depression, anger, and finally, atheism.

This is not the only blog to expose Ronald Weinland for the false prophet that he is:
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Armstrongism Library

The IRS is after a con artist named Ronald Weinland.  They have a date with him in criminal court for the federal charge of income tax evasion.  Due to the freedom of religion clause, income tax evasion is the only way to put a false prophet in prison.


jack635 said...

Anyone find it funny that with only one week to go before the end of the world, Ron says during todays sermon that you are still responsible to save your pentecostal tithes?

Douglas Becker said...

Total con job.

PKG members will probably fall into 3 groups:

1) those who stay no matter what and rationalize;

2) those who leave to go to mainstream religions, become atheists or agnostics;

3) those who go off seeking another false prophet telling themselves (and each other), "we were right all along, we just picked the wrong leader".

I call it my prophecy by thirds.

jack635 said...

While I believe Ron is a con artist, the only way I will know for sure is if he does not return to the U.S.

He has had plenty of time to squirrel away a huge pile of liquid assets in a foreign country. He could already have another legal identity.

If he does return to the States he is a religiously deluded mental patient. Either way, he is not preaching the Gospel of Jesus.

Jocko said...

Excellent Post Jack. Pretty much covers everything. When I first heard of Ronald Weinland back in 2008 and checked out his website it was only a matter of seconds before red flags
were raised. His instructions to newcomers to read both his books and not the bible immediately told me he was false.

No true believer in Christ would instruct others to read his or her personal writings before the bible. Afterwards the list of red flags was pretty much endless but one in particular that caught me strange was Ron's message to readers of GFW. Telling his readers the book was written to the three religions in the world derived from the God of Abraham meaning Judaism, Islam and Christianity totally missed it's mark

What about all the other religions and believe systems in the world? The last time I looked the bible told us to go out and spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the land. Perhaps one day somebody will ask Ronald the question of what ever happened to "go tell it on the mountain". I've enjoyed reading your blog Jack and I commend you for spreading the word about a false prophet who has ruined so many lives. With people like you, Mike and Dill Weed on the job the list of ruined lives is definitely shorter.

I guess I'll be hearing from you over at Mike's blog once you shut down your blog after the 27th. Take care and god bless, Jocko .

James said...

You told me the "Ronald Weinland" title post would be your last. Does that mean this is it?

jack635 said...

Thanks Jocko.
I only started this blog to respect Mike's rule of no preaching on his blog. I've often mentioned he has the stamina of a diamond and I am sure Mike will haunt Ron until he stops spewing his garbage and robbing the weak-minded. As for me, my patience for listening to Ron's sorcery is not as strong as Mike's is; I'm done. Years ago Mike has a family member in Ron's clutches, which makes me understand his dedication.

Hopefully most of Ron's followers will snap out of it when they realize Ron did not know the date of Jesus Christ's return, and is not a prophet other than a false prophet. I will be happy for those who realize he is a con artist raking in their cash, and subsequently never again follow a "the one true church".

jack635 said...

Yes James


But the comments are open and people can say whatever they want. I don't care anymore.

Douglas Becker said...

Well, maybe I'll go and see Battleship in RPX 3D by Hasbro.

At least that way, I'll be watching extinction level events by armies not of this world.

It's not the Great Tribulation or the Return of Jesus Christ, but it's more entertaining than watching PKG (Pathetic Kook Group) go up in flames.

Or is that down in flames?

I sometimes lose direction and get confused.

Although... I see this as an extinction level event: It's just what is being extinguished that's in question.

By the way, great run, appreciated your participation.

Now if I could just terminate 7 years of stalking by Wade Cox, I'd have it made.

jack635 said...

Let me know how it is Douglas. If it is any good I will go and see it next time I'm in civilization. Well, if civilization is still around next week.

Oh no! I just had a thought. What if Ron is right? What if movies now a days are just garbage?

Douglas Becker said...

More garbage than what comes out of Rotten Ronnie?


Douglas Becker said...

Changed mind: Waiting for Prometheus instead.

Closer to the world of PKG.

jack635 said...


If you have given to Ronald Weinland with Total Resolve and emptied your savings account, your 401K, sold your home, and quit your job, then you have been very faithful to Ron. If Jesus does not return on Saturday evening, I am sure Ron's love for his church members will be stirred up and you can stay at his house til you get back on your feet again.

He has a large home and many rooms. I am sure Ron can let up to fourty people sleep on the floors of his home. I just wanted you to know in case you become homeless. You will know Ron by his fruits.

Chacha said...

Great blog Jack. Thanks for your hard work. I am one of those that association with Ron has lead to atheism. I am ok with that. If there is a god, and he wants me to know about it, he knows where I am. ;)

I agree that we are to love our neighbor and do good works while we are here. And that is NOT what Ron preached no matter what he says. It was all about Ron all the time.

Thanks again

Que said...

Great job Jack, and all other ex-COG bloggers. Best wishes to everybody.
Here's the latest from :-

Peter Yates (aka Que)
.. Dunedin, New Zealand

jack635 said...

Thanks Que. Mike has posted an excellent expose on those court proceedings.

Douglas Becker said...

You should not necessarily accept my tastes, but as for Battleship, I liked it.

It was sort of like NCIS with ETs.

Watch out for the chicken burrito as a prelude to the Terms of Surrender.

It's smart illogical fun.

On to MIB III and Promethius.

(I have more important and better things to do with my life than be concerned with Ronald Weinland, obviously.)

Kirrily said...

Jack, I too thank you for your blog - like Mikes and Dills, I am a regular reader of yours.

PKG was only a small reason as to why and how I became, I know now, an Agnostic (not Athiest).

It's been a long journey!

jack635 said...

Thanks ChaCha and Kirrily. I'm glad you made it through your trials and tribulations to become free from idiot preachers and con artists. I know there is not a preacher on the earth that could ever lead you astray.

Because I have a sense of humour, I imagine what would happen next time some religious types ring your doorbell. All I can imagine is both of you laughing at the doorbell ringers.

I just tell them to please leave. If I do have a couple of minutes I try to explain to them that they are being used to make their preacher rich.

As for Ron, I still think he is a con artist who does not believe in God. We will know for sure if he does not show up for his sentencing. His vain attempt to spend money on advertising to excuse himself won't make his attempt to evade charges disappear. I think the only thing that will disappear is Ron and Laura.

Que said...

Hi again
Just thought you and the readers would be interested in this news report found by the 'armstrongismlibrary' blog :-
(the video is slow to load)
.. Peter

jack635 said...

I watched it live on Fox News out of Boston. I guess Ron is finally getting "growing recognition of God's Two Witnesses in the media", he so earnestly wanted.

I hope you are prepared for the end of the world again, Que. It will hit you before it hits Canada. lol

Que said...

Before I forget ...
The Jewish day is from sunset to sunset.
Sunset in Jerusalem on Saturday, May 26, is at about 7:36 pm. (Israel Daylight Time, IDT).
In case anybody is wondering some of the equivalent times around the world are :-
USA Pacific - Sat. 9:36 am. (PDT)
USA Eastern - Sat. 12:36 pm. (EDT)
(GMT/UTC is Sat. 16:36.)
United Kingdom - Sat. 5:36 pm. (BST)
Sydney, Australia - Sun. 2:36 am. (EST)
New Zealand - Sun. 4:36 am. (NZST)

I will record any unusual events in this blog post :-
No, I don't expect to be recording anything!

caseywollberg said...

"The end of the Bible is Paradise. The end with Ronald Weinland is misery, then depression, anger, and finally, atheism."

For most atheists, myself included, atheism is the result of a careful consideration of all the relevant arguments. I suggest a less bigoted "view" of atheism, if you are going to presume to speak on it in the future. Thanks.

jack635 said...

Less bigoted view? How is mentioning the word atheist, bigoted?

I've spoken with several exWCG and exPKG members who became atheists after their experiences.

You should read the whole sentence before you jump to conclusions. And if this is an attempt to start talking about atheism, you should know that I don't allow preaching of any kind of religious doctrine on this blog. Yes, atheism is a religion.

Anonymous said...

Been reading this blog for awhile but i have been lazy to drop a comment and say thanks. That ends these days: Thanks mate!